The Management Clinic offers truly unique services that use results-driven projects to grow managers fast and measurably.

The highly practical training empowers managers of all types of organisations to move from merely being efficient to being effective.

With the aid of a number of completely practical yet very powerful tools and techniques, the training helps managers identify real organisational stress points and turn them into simple, measurable, team-driven project opportunities with guaranteed ‘bottom-line’ results in 100 days or less.

Our course helps managers shift their mindsets from a purely managerial one to one that encompasses a sense of ownership of the concern being managed. Delegates will learn how to understand and act upon key metrics …

Delegates will learn their way around a powerful model that brings marketing, finance and people together in one comprehensive measurement and performance improvement system.

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The Presentation Clinic combines psychology, coaching and the latest presentation science to equip delegates to captivate and motivate every potential audience.

Our intensive training provides numerous practical interventions and feedback opportunities and we are so confident that we will be able to transform your presentation style that we provide a money-back guarantee.

We assist delegates in overcoming speech anxiety and improve body language whilst focusing on technical aspects such as structured coherent messages and excellent presentation design.

Our unique course also includes NLP psychology in order to assist delegates to appeal to every possible audience member for truly effective and captivating presentations.

We also offer presentation design, presentation strategy, messaging and one-on-one coaching services in addition to master of ceremony, panel moderation and customised training for specialised presentations.

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The Minute Taker’s Clinic is a SETA accredited course designed by South African industry experts with South African minute takers in mind.

We cover all types of minutes from informal formal to disciplinary with special focus on formal minutes and formal meetings including Robert’s rules of order, motions, resolutions etc.

We also explain the structure of a formal meeting and the Minute Taker’s responsibility at each stage of the meeting.

Included is practical minute taking exposure during the two day workshop during which delegates receive opportunities to take minutes of actual meetings.

We include soft skills such as listening skills and handy tips and tricks.

The course is course is highly interactive and during the two day workshop we construct a problem solution board and endeavour to provide solutions for all the problems that are uncovered during the workshop.

The latest technology which assists in making the Minute Taker’s function easier is also demonstrated.

Find out more about The Minute Taker’s Clinic here.

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