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South Africa’s Time And Stress Management Training Specialists

Do any of these ring true for you or your employees?

  • You / Your employees are always busy, but don’t seem to get much done?
  • You / Your employees are always putting out fires and stuck in crisis management?
  • You / Your employees are using overtime to catch up on work that should be done during the day?
  • You / Your employees are easily distracted and find it easier to focus on trivial tasks?
  • You / Your employees keep failing to get the important things done during normal hours resulting in overtime?
  • You / Your employees are struggling to achieve a healthy work/life balance?
  • You / Your employees keep clashing with your colleagues / management in terms of time expectations?
  • You / Your employees are suffering from stress, burnout and an inability to self motivate?

Or perhaps meetings are your problem?

  • Meetings do not have balanced participation and participants are not arriving prepared?
  • You / Your meeting facilitator is not facilitating the meeting with a balance of assertiveness and consideration?
  • Action items are not being completed on time?
  • Discussion items are not being adequately prioritised and decisions are not happening quickly enough?
  • Meeting participants are not contributing productively to discussions or are losing focus?
  • Disagreements are taking too long to resolve?
  • You/ your organisation is spending too much time having meetings and not enough time taking action?

Revolutionary Time Management Training that will change you

It’s time for a time and stress management course that addresses the causes and not just the symptoms of our time management problems, and provides the lasting solution.

It’s time for time management training that improves the way we respond to tasks, objectives, deadlines and even interpersonal relationships – including team dynamics and supervisory relationships.

It’s time for time management training that recognises that individuals with different personalities will not respond to the same tired ‘left brain’ approach that traditional time management prescribes.

It’s time to address the real issues that are preventing us from being effective: procrastination, distractions, punctuality, self motivation, failure to prioritise effectively, to name a few.

It’s time to uncover the subconscious thoughts and patterns that sabotage us through a deeper understanding of not only ourselves, but also our peers to maximize our working environments and improve our relationships.

It’s time to understand different task styles, and optimize our relationships to tasks.

It’s time to take our control back and start achieving our objectives.

Meet The Time Clinic, a behaviour based intervention that promotes lasting solutions through empowering positive action and attitudinal transformative change.

Time and Stress Management Training

  • 2 day comprehensive Time and Stress Management Workshop option.
  • 1 day high impact Time and Stress Management training.
  • Two and half hour time and stress management motivational speaking engagements available for groups for team builders, conferences and seminars.MORE INFO

Effective Meeting Management for Meeting Leaders and Chairs

We all know that meetings can be the biggest time waster known to man! As time management and meeting procedure specialists, we also offer a high impact one day workshop designed to empower Chairs, management teams and meeting leaders to realise meeting objectives and overcome common pitfalls experienced in group dynamics to ensure shorter and productive meetings.

Our Meeting Clinic has been designed by a top professional professional mediator and conflict resolution expert and equips delegates to ensure your organisation’s key resources spend less time in meetings and more time realising organisational objectives.


Motivational Speaking Engagements

  • Short motivational speaking sessions to uplift and inspire your organisation
  • Great for team builders and conferences
  • Various topics available and customisation to your audience upon request
  • Interactive, engaging and practical content sessionsMORE INFO

“Very useful and insightful; a platform for a new and successful life.”

Nicolene, Envass

We offer onsite training at your premises for our corporate clients nationwide, but also accomodate individuals and small groups at our public courses in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Our next public course dates for individuals and small groups are the :

  • 10 Feb 2020
  • 11 May 2020
  • 8 August 2020
  • 16 November 2020

Contact us to find out more about our next Cape Town public course dates.

Book now as space is limited! Or contact us to book your own date for nationwide onsite training at a discounted rate!

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“Find out how much time you really have!”

Johan (Engineer) Scatec Solar

Who should attend

Corporates choose The Time Clinic to fulfil their time management training requirements as The Time Clinic assists delegates in areas such as improving task completion ratios, turnaround times, overcoming procrastination and lateness. Stress management, motivation and decision making are also addressed. The Time Clinic is South Africa’s most comprehensive time management training workshop and is the only course that encompasses interpersonal relationships in the workplace such as improving team dynamics and supervisory relationships.

Individuals find immense benefit in attending The Time Clinic and find the increased self awareness not only fascinating, but very beneficial in terms of improving self actualisation, personal efficacy, stress reduction and self motivation. Time management is essentially the ability to manage one’s self, and individuals are assisted in uncovering and changing negative self sabotaging thoughts and patterns that prevent us from optimal performance and fulfilment of objectives.

The Time Clinic is proud to be recognised as an accredited training provider by The International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors (IACTM). Visit www.iactm.com to find out more. Due to the therapeutic and motivational nature of our training material, coaches find the techniques offered indispensible in assisting clients to overcome issues such as procrastination or achieve objective actualisation.

Students often struggle with procrastination and prioritisation. The Time Clinic can assist in these areas, and students will find the tools to self motivate indispensible. Student rates are available as The Time Clinic seeks to support our future generations of movers and shakers!

Integrated Time Management

At The Time Clinic we interpret and incorporate non-invasive techniques taken from behaviourism, gestalt and cognitive behavioural therapy in order to create lasting behavioural change.

Our revolutionary approach to time management considers bio-rhythms and genetic predispositions. We assist individuals in mitigating weaknesses and readjusting these factors to optimise performance.

We constantly research and test the latest trends in time management and incorporate only the most effective. Our material is groundbreaking and changes to adapt to new knowledge.

We assist delegates in not only developing tolerance for other time profiles, but we also address the optimisation of these relationships to create cohesion for team, management and interpersonal contexts.

Why is The Time Clinic different?

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