Efficient versus effect. Too very similar words. Both are used commonly in the workplace, and we often underestimate how the subtleties between them can mean the difference between success and stress.

There is a common misconception amongst managers that staff need to become more efficient. Time management courses often fail to deliver results by focusing on how to increase efficiency, and hence the amount of work you do within the shortest possible time.

Being efficient means using high levels of input in order to obtain high levels of output. Being effective means doing the things that will provide the most dramatic results.

Being efficient means ensuring your error margin is minimal. Being effective means taking a chance from time to time in order to find a new way.

Being efficient means keeping a to-do list. Being effective means deciding what not to do in order to focus on the really important things.

Machines are efficient. People who are efficient will eventually be replaced with machines. People who are effective will rule the world.

Which would you rather be? Wishing you an effective day everyone!

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