“Designing a meeting is like designing a relationship”

– John Nawn, Meeting Designer

The Meeting Clinic Course objectives

  1. Ensure meeting participants are proactive and prepared for meetings.
  2. Examine the necessity, objectives and the invitation list, and explore alternatives to a meeting
  3. Facilitate a meeting with assertiveness, balancing efficiency with the need for complete discussion.
  4. Ask artful facilitated questions to guide the meeting process.
  5. Overcome group-think in order to ensure full participation.
  6. Understand and manage meeting personality types.
  7. Energise meetings to ensure participation and alertness.
  8. Employ effective minutes to ensure meeting objectives are adhered to.
  9. Overcome the deadly sins of bad meeting procedure.
  10. Apply the art of decision making by examining formats for decisions in formal and informal meetings with reference to decision fatigue.
  11. Implement strategies for quick effective meetings.
  12. Promote an organisational culture of creativity, cooperation and participation.
  13. Use the ‘power agenda’ to time manage your meeting:
    • Manage matters arising and the dreaded ‘general’ section of a meeting.
    • Prioritise and collate topics proactively
    • Ensure action items are defined with accountability enforced.
    • Apply time allocation formulas for topics and meetings and uphold these allocations.
    • Make use of ‘the parking lot’ to separate off- and on-topic discussion.
    • Set objectives, summate and define ways forward.
    • Ensure meeting participants are proactive and prepared for meetings.

The Meeting Clinic Training options

Equip Chairs, management teams and meeting facilitators to host short effective meetings

As both time and meeting management specialists, The Skills Clinic now offers an innovative high impact one day workshop designed to empower meeting leaders and meeting participants to achieve dramatic results in the shortest possible timeframes.

This critical workshop will save your organisation time and money, and ensure that meeting objectives are efficiently met.

Using tools including group psychology, assertiveness training and innovative meeting science, this high-level workshop will empower meeting participants to effectively explore solutions and make decisions that best serve your organisation.

Facilitated by a professional mediator and conflict resolution expert

All of our course material is custom designed by South African business professionals tailormade for our unique context. We incorporate psychology into all our training interventions in order to enhance training effectiveness as we understand individuals learn in different ways.

The Meeting Clinic has been designed by a top professional mediator and conflict resolution expert with over seventeen years of experience in management and facilitation of meetings and is facilitated by business professionals with executive business and management experience in multiple industries.

Training for individuals and small groups

We offer a quarterly one day public course for individuals and small groups of less than 3 at our venues in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

These courses are fully catered and include a light breakfast upon arrival, buffet lunches and full refreshments in a beautiful setting.

Comprehensive course material is provided.

Contact us to book your course now.

Groups of 4 or more

Training can be provided either at one of our venues nationwide or at your premises at a discounted rate.

Contact us so that we can work out a package that will suit your needs and your budget.

Customised training

We offer one day customised training for groups of 4 or more where we will work you  to tailor the course to the specific needs of your group and the wider organisation.

We will consult with the representative beforehand and customise our training material for the course accordingly.

Training can be provided either at one of our venues nationwide or at your premises at a discounted rate.

Contact us to arrange customised training for your organization now.


Our public courses are hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town, however onsite training is offered in Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein and anywhere else in South Africa as well as in Botswana and Namibia.

Contact us to find out about training at your premises.

“Meetings at work present great opportunities to showcase your talent. Do not let them go to waste.”

― Abhishek Ratna.

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