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echo livescribe pen

Let’s face it, meetings take up far too much time in today’s modern age. And a real time waster is struggling to type up minutes or interpret our poorly scrawled notes after the meeting in order to complete our tasks and projects.

I hate meetings so much that I have decided to make a point of sharing with you any strategies that I stumble upon that can make meetings more time efficient and productive.

So some of you are required to take minutes of meetings, others prefer (or are required) to take your own notes, correct? If you are like me, you end up leaving with hard to interpret scribbles, doodles and pages of writing and often miss many important sections of the meeting for the simple reason that a human being is simply not designed to concentrate for periods longer than forty minutes at a time.

I stumbled upon this fantastic device that some of my clients are using and I believe will make just about anyone’s life easier. There are a few options available, but I have had personal recommendations regarding the Livescribe Echo Intellipen. If you haven’t heard about this amazing little invention, prepare to be stunned and amazed! And I promise I have no financial incentive in sharing this information with you, I have also just been blown away with the ingenuity and usefulness of this time saving invention.

The version I am familiar with is the top-of-the-range Livescribe Echo intellipen, but there are a number of more affordable versions available with various other features. So how can a pen help you in a meeting? Well firstly, these pens come with a recording device that records between 200 and 800 hours of audio that can be uploaded to your pc. Firstly, no need for a Dictaphone in a meeting. Now this may not sound that impressive yet, until one realises that the pen comes with functionality to click on any point within your notes and to play the audio recording from that exact point of the meeting. Let’s say for example you feel a certain section is very important (or difficult to minute), simply make a mark on your ‘Dot-paper’ and the pen will replay the audio file from that very point.

There is also handwriting to text recognition. So you don’t have to retype your notes. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the software in this regard as I have not met anyone who has used this functionality, but as soon as I get my grubby little paws on one of these pens I most certainly will try it out and let you know.

The only downside is the notebooks you have to use can be a bit pricey, and you have to use these notebooks for your pen to playback correctly.

I think this is a great invention that makes life so much easier! The Time Clinic recommends this product and according to my research, we have found that it is available from South African stockists such as certain Incredible Connection branches or Digital Planet online. International clients can obtain details of suppliers via their site on www.livescribe.com. Let us know if you get one and how it helps you!

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