Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to facilitate lasting change. We understand that because people are different not only do learning styles differ, but so do personalities; our course material is designed to empower individuals through tolerance and optimisation of individual profiles. Our vision is to use knowledge to constantly evolve and uplift.

The Time Clinic was the first course to be released by The Skills Clinic. We would rather specialise in offering a small quality product range consisting of designer courses customised for the South African market rather than offer a large variety of generic material that is low impact.

We research our material extensively and constantly adapt it in order to improve it continually. Our courses combine psychology and coaching in order to enhance the learning experience.

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“This course will boost staff morale in every aspect of business.”

Anele, Mketsu and Associates, Attorneys

Our training venues

The Time Clinic course is currently being held online only. Get in touch to better understand how we deliver this groundbreaking content.

IACTM Accreditation

The Time Clinic is accredited as a training provider by the International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors (IACTM).

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The Time Clinic is a product of The Skills Clinic (Pty) Ltd. The Skills Clinic is a Services SETA accredited training provider.

“You get the tools you need to change the things you struggle with in life.”

Sonja, RealPay

The Skills Clinic

The Time Clinic is a proud member of Skills Clinic (Pty) Ltd, a leading South African training provider who offer customised training courses designed by professionals for the South African market.

We incorporate psychology into all of our material to enhance the learning experience and our trainers are business executives with real life experience in over 36 different industries.

We are simply passionate about people and focus on adding value and promoting lasting change.

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